Brendan H. Illinois

National Debt

We need to find ways to reduce our government's rampant and unnecessary spending to make our 19 trillion dollar debt shrink rather than grow.

Dear President,

Would you spend trillions of dollars you don’t have? Well, that’s exactly the situation our nation is currently. The current national debt of the US is over 19 trillion dollars and counting. I believe your first priority after becoming President should be to reduce rampant and unnecessary government spending.

One form of unnecessary government spending is farm subsidies. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) spends $25 billion or more a year on subsidies for farm businesses. According to the Washington Post, by eliminating dairy, peanut and sugar subsidies alone, the government could save $2.85 billion in one year. Another way you can reduce spending is to phase out social security. In 2015, the federal government spent $888 billion dollars on social security, a program which ran an $84 billion dollar deficit last year. Let American citizens keep their money and invest it in their own way toward retirement.

I urge you as President to gather your cabinet members and find a way to eliminate the government’s unneeded spending. Two great places to start would be abolishing agricultural subsidies and social security.

Gurrie Middle School

McGovern Period 3/4

Ms. McGovern's Period 3/4 ELA Class

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