Ximena Georgia

"American Dream"

Undocumented immigrants need a safer, and easier, path to citizenship.

Dear President,

     Throughout many centuries immigrants have done the impossible just to have a glimpse of what it’s like to live the “American Dream”. A dream that for many families stays like that, an unreachable dream. Many come to this country in hopes of having a better life, but instead of receiving the “American Dream” they get the “American Nightmare”. They cross a border to get into a foreign land that only holds more borders; some of which they can’t cross by simply walking. No, it’s much more difficult than that. There is always the border that separates the “illegal” from the “legal” citizens. The government has to create an easier path for undocumented immigrants to become U.S. citizens.

     The U.S. has been less open about immigration the past few years. It has been known to have some of the most hostile policies, regarding immigration, in the developed world. As this hostility continues people that live in countries of war die each day. The reliable source, www.pbs.org, has stated that 1 in every 10 Syrians have been wounded, or killed since the beginning of the war. It has also been reported that the deaths ascend the 470,000 people, just in Syria. Families flee to neighboring countries in their attempt of stopping the agony of watching their family members die, and see everything they’ve worked for crumble in front of them. Yet, neighboring countries also have problems of their own with governments that are as well unstable. Many people, who want to come to the U.S. for more security, and a better future, can’t because of their migratory status.

     Many say that immigrants steal, or take, our jobs but on the contrary. As said in the White House website, immigrant owned businesses create more than 4.7 million jobs. This is generating approximately $776 billion annually. Not just that, but 7.5 percent of foreign born are more likely to create their own jobs compared to 6.6 percent among native born. This shows that immigrants don’t take our jobs but create more. In other words, they created a large part of what the U.S. is today by contributing with the economy.

     Thousands of families get separated annually. According to, www.migrationpolicy.org, 5.3 million children are living with undocumented parents. Most undocumented parents eventually loose custody, or contact, with their children after being deported. The separation of these families not only brings economic problems to the family, but it can also create traumatic repercussions for kids. In average a family income drops up to a 70 percent after the parent’s arrest, or deportation. Let’s understand that this doesn’t only affect the “illegal” immigrants, but also the children that hold the countries’ future in their hands.

     In conclusion, something has to be done for immigrants to have an easy, and safe, path to citizenship. Instead of doing a massive deportation we should promote a better life for immigrants. Let’s not forget that our ancestors once stood in a similar situation as present immigrants. Every immigrant should be able to say, “I crossed the frontiers that life once put in my path”. Your decision can change our future, and the future of generations to come.

                                                                                                                                                       Sincerely, Ximena

                                           “I see humans, but no humanity”- Jason Donohue