Wendy Sanchez California

The Insecurity and Racism

everyone in the world know that everything is not sure, but some of us rely on the police, in the United States been many cases of violence and more death we all want to know whether we are safe or not.

*                                                                                                                                  september 9, 2016

Dear President Obama 

                Hello President Obama,  this is Wendy Sanchez and I am a student from San Marcos High School, and I'm writing this letter with the purpose of the insecurity in the United States.

               I would like that the streets has more secure or in the parks too, because we  can't walk or play  save, sometimes I go to the park and I see people using drugs during the day and also we see in the news that everyday kids or teenagers are killed or stolen.

              Another thing is about racism because some people coming from another country and then start bullying them or fighting them and then that creates a big violence with guns, knife and then little children doesn't know and the only thing that we do is teach them the racism and then we are creating another world with violence 

               Thank you for your time President Obama for reading my letter and thank you for help all the immigrants with new programs in the United States.


             Wendy Sanchez 
      Student from San Marcos High School.