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America is loosing jobs

                                                Outsourcing Our Jobs

To who to may concern , 
In our English 9 honors we were given a writing prompt to write a letter to the next president.   I will be discussing jobs and the loss of in our country and the jobs flooding into other countries . To begin , we have outsourced 3.2 million jobs to china in a span of 15 years and three quarters of those jobs being manufacturing. (¨¨) We need to increase the import tariff to deter companies from leaving the U.S. to china for cheap labor. Also we should reward people for Being in America and give the owners tax cuts for staying in America. Second , We have a major trade deficit with Mexico also. As of 2012 we have imported 49.2 billion dollars more than we have exported to Mexico.("") That is a serious issue for economy. Finally, The  U.S. imports  21 billion dollars of agricultural products from Mexico.("") We are loosing farming jobs at a rapid rate. In conclusion we are losing millions of jobs in a variety of ways and we need to fix this problem.

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