Adrian C. Utah


There is a need for growth in the labor force and wage incentives.

Dear Future President,

I am presenting this letter to you in order to address an imminent issue in our country today. It is regarding unemployment and wages. Though our unemployment rate seems relatively low below 5 percent, there many factors that still go into this. For example, the workforce is decreasing due to retirement, more youth seeking prolonged education, or even people just staying out of the workforce which hasn't happened since the 1970’s. According to U.S News, long term unemployment hasn't improved either. This calls for a need for growth in jobs and incentives for more people to work to get the economy moving even a little more. One way is through wage increase which has been steady and even hasn't even changed much in 20 years when adjusted for inflation. Wage increase should be around 4% a year and it sits only at around 2.5% which isn't too good considering higher standards of living. This is most prominent in states where it is higher than others such as New York or California. The New York Times even tells us that increases in minimum wage have increased job growth which ultimately moves the economy more and even raises wages without affecting corporate profit. We should continue to bolster the economy in some of these ways in order for the greater good. The U.S economy should accommodate more people. Through economic growth, there would be positive job growth which therefore would cause the unemployment rate to go down. This calls for improvement and higher consideration to support continued growth in this prosperous country.

Thank you,

Adrian C.

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