Christopher M. Illinois

Police Brutality

Police brutality should be controlled

Dear future President

100,000 people are shot according to The Brady Campaign, every day in the U.S an average of 289 people are shot to prevent gun violence.Most of the people are shot for unnecessary reasons, police brutality and gun control is a part of it.They do not have to act the way they act with some people.

I am deciding to write about this because i did not like the way that they treated Robert Leone. In many cases killing people without proper justification just because of skin color and of course they are not trying to kill someone but just take advantage of the situation. What the police can do is not assume but make sure that what they see is right .If they think they see a person with a gun and it is not a gun then they are going to probably kill an innocent person.

Incidents of police brutality in America seem to be largely influenced and triggered by racism within the community. This underlying issue has continued to be in and relevant when examining cases of police brutality within America.

Estimated 250-280 million firearms impossible to tell how many are illegal weapons majority of them are in bad people's hands. This is a part of police brutality because the police has to assume if criminals have pulled out a gun or if they just have something that looks like a gun then the person might get shot.The police also does not know where the guns are coming from.

The only way to resolve this by taking guns off of criminals. The way people get guns on the street is by friends and websites.The people that have a gun license should not be allowed to sell guns to their friends.

They should make a rule to check on the person with the gun license every year to see if they still have the gun and to see if they still know how to operate the gun and if they can still pass the safety test and if they do not want it any more then they should sell it to a gun store not to a friend.They should make a person renew a gun licence every year and if they don't have the gun then they have to pay a fine for the gun triple the amount of the gun.So only people that have a gun licence has a gun and if they have a criminal recorded they should not be able to have a gun.


 Christopher M