Global Warming is Destroying our World

Global warming will someday make earth unbearable to live on

Over time the earth has gone through temperature rises and drops naturally, but in the past century humans have changed this pattern. The temperature around the globe is rising at about double in the past 50 years compared to the last 1,000,000 and is destined to keep rising faster. We need slow down the pace of global warming and save the earth's future but to do this we need to try and cut down on the use of burning fossil fuels and use more efficient ways of power.

One of the main causes of global warming is electricity and heat production. The burning of coal, natural gasses, and oil release CO2. Sunlight goes through the atmosphere and hit’s earth surfaces. Infrared light is absorbed by water and CO2 and that turns the infrared light into heat. Some of it goes out of the atmosphere, but the rest the heat is brought down to the surface. Ways we can emit less CO2 gasses from energy and heating is make a more economical solar power which will appeal to more people. This will make it so there will be less needs for the government to have coal/natural gases/oil power plants to create heat and energy.

The second most greenhouse gas emitter is transportation. This includes cars, trucks, trains, ships, airplanes, and other vehicles. The one that gives off the most greenhouse gas are passenger cars. This gives off 50% of all of these vehicles greenhouse gas. One way we can help this out is make good efficient electric cars cost less than some practical priced gas powered cars. Also we can make more bike paths and make it safer to ride your bike around.

The third highest emitter of greenhouse gasses are industries. There are two different types of industrial releases, direct, which happen at the facility. Also there is indirect which happens off the facility but are still tied to the facility’s use of energy. Direct emissions happen when the facility has either leaks from natural gases, petroleum systems, the use of fuels in production, and chemical reactions while making chemicals, iron and steel, and cement. Indirect happens when power plants burn fossil fuels to create power which the factories use. One way to help and try to prevent this is use more LED lights around the whole factory. Also they can use more economical machines

Even though there are more contributors to global warming these are the ones that i think we should focus on to try and change.There are some predictions that in 6 years all cars will be electric. Also solar panels are becoming more efficient and cheaper to invest in. We need to try and make a change now so in 20 years some of these solutions will be true and our future generations will be able to live in this 1 in a 40 million chance of life.