Kali S. Ohio

Women are the Real Architects of Society.

Nothing is impossible, the word its self says "i'm possible". Women are equal to men and should be payed and treated equal too. It is possible for women to be better than man at anything they set their mind to. Women= men & men=women. Everyone is equal.

Dear Next President:

“We can not succeed when half of us are held back,” Malala, a girl who fought for her own education, once said. Women are considered the “help”, or only necessary for looks, but this is far from the truth. Many women have become big and famous due to their intelligences. Many men still view women as the extra. The ones that just sit there to look pretty. That's why women right are so weighty.

Jobs for women are very important if they want to make a living for themselves and/ or their family. Unfortunately many women only get their jobs based on how they look and not how qualified they are. Also if they aren't pretty they have a chance of not getting their job, and many little girls think that this is the only way for them to get a job is to be pretty. Which is not true, but unfortunately that is what is happening in the world we are living in.

Equal pay for women is a top priority because many women are being payed less than men for doing the exact same job. They could even be doing it better than the men who are also doing that job. For some reason everything is always a higher standard for women's but the payoff is lower. I don’t understand how this is fair. For example, the United states women's national team has won 3 world cups, 4 olympic gold medals. But yet they still make less than what the men make. If the uswnt were to lose they receive little to no money, for a win it is about half of what the boys make. Or what they receive even if they lose the game. Around 49.6 percent of the world's population is female, giving a total female population of around 3.52 billion. Unfortunately, unless someone really steps in to make a change it will most likely remain like this for many years on into the future.

Voting is most likely the top priority when it comes to women's rights. Women for many many many years were unfortunately unable to vote due to them being insuperior. The men were the lead of the house, the ones who had all the say. The voting laws changed over a span of a long couple years. It started with only white men being able to vote, then it was all men, then it changed to only white women. But they had to take tests that were more than likely rigged so they couldn't vote.

Unfortunately women are still viewed as they were back when this country was just forming. But hopefully we can do something to help promote women's rights, now or sometime in the future.



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