Nicholas New Jersey

Terrorism is a Big Factor

Terrorism can affect how America can end up in the future, you should be able to help America stay strong from terrorists.

Dear Future President,

How could you be president without noticing the fact that attacking Iraq is a terrible idea. Lots of Americans were lost, innocent citizens in Iraq were killed, lots of money was lost, etc. There are many ways to solve this problem, so why couldn't we figure out earlier? 16% of Americans name terrorism as the most important U.S. problem. You should take my idea into consideration. They may help you out when you become the president of the United States of America. People will depend on you leading our country. So, making the decisions on how we will live will be very, very important.

One consequence of attacking Iraq was we lost a lot of Americans. Although we won the war and killed Saddam Hussein, we also lost lots of soldiers. In my opinion, I would rather keep Americans than kill them to help citizens of Iraq, which were also killed innocently. It helped most Iraqi citizens, but not us. Seriously, what is the point? As I read, you did disagree with attacking Iraq. So, when you are in fact president, you should be careful on what you decide to do with our country.

Another consequence is lots of money/ammo was lost. While in Iraq, we killed many citizens and important people, such as Saddam Hussein. But, doing this costs lots of ammo which wastes money. Instead of buying ammo with all this money, we could of put it towards things like extensions to schools for better education, helping out the poor across America, and towards everyday people like my family. Once again, I think we would have been better of using money helping us with everyday lives rather than attack Iraq. 

But, I can see why you would want to attack Iraq. There are many reasons that people voted to attack. One reason being “The reason was clear. Saddam Hussein — the brutal dictator of Iraq for 35 years — was the central threat to peace in the Middle East,” stated by the website Again, I can see why attacking Iraq was a good idea, but my statement overpowers this idea clearly!

In conclusion, attacking Iraq was a very poor decision. Although there are claims on why attacking Iraq was a good idea, they all had bad outcomes, such as lots of money lost and lives lost. So, my point to you is to think wisely because you have control of all the millions and millions of Americans that depend on you. If you were wise you would take my idea and put it into consideration the next time you have to make a decision as big as declaring a war. Thank you Mr./Mrs. President

                                                                                                                          Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                             Nicholas F.