Jessalyn C. Alabama


Abortion is a woman's choice.


Banning abortion takes away the right of women. Many sources would agree on making abortion illegal but, I disagree and so do many others. Abortion is a very serious decision that a woman has to make for the future of one’s self and the child. Huffington post reported that “ Women are already required to jump through incredible financially draining, emotionally taxing, time consuming, and medically-unnecessary hoops to access abortion.” (Women Deputy Editor 2015) This statement means that there is so much a woman already has to go through to be able to get an abortion. The woman has thought of all options and chose to go through all trouble and pay the big price that abortion cost. Abortion is something the woman has thought about thoroughly. The Common Dreams Website posted an article “ Beyond Abortion and equal pay,” the articles states that Women Issues are limited to abortion rights and equal pay are sorely mistaken.” The articles statement means that the equal rights for women are limited and because of what they did, they have to pay a big price of having a child. The statement made is not fair nor is it right. No, it is not the child’s fault, but if that woman were to be raped the child would a constant reminder of an awful incident that happened to the woman until the time of conceiving the baby.

Not a lot of families want the product of a crime and there is a big chance that the child would live a miserable life if the mother put it up for adoption since there is a chance the child may not get adopted and end up in a foster home or an orphanage. Abortion included “ Abortion gives pregnant women the option to choose not to bring fetuses with profound abnormalities to full term.” (Pro 8) The statement provided was to explain that some babies turn out to have such severe disorders they are guaranteed death after birth. It would be easier for one just to have an abortion than to have that baby and let it suffer when it’s born. JUSTIA US LAW posted an abortion article that stated’ “Court established a right of personal privacy protected by the due process clause that includes the right of women to determine whether or not to bare the child”. (Abortion. In Roe V. Wade, 557) This statement included in the article was clarifying that abortion should be up to the barrier of the infant to choose whether or not to bare that child and make her own decisions even if it is not the right thing to do.

Coming from a woman of the future, if I were to be pregnant under a condition such as rape, I would want to choose on my own whether or not to bare the child. It has always been a man’s choice for centuries. This is the present but tomorrow will be the future, women are becoming more apart of this world every day, completing tasks, jobs, hobbies, and even becoming as strong as men. Women deserve the right to choose what should happen in our bodies. To a certain extent abortion should be okay, Abortion should have a qualification process. For instance, if someone is frequently coming in a clinic pregnant and there for an abortion because they want to be irresponsible and foolish, they should not be qualified but if someone really needs it because they were sexually assaulted and can not help what has been done, they should be qualified. I see your views on making abortion illegal yet the government should have no say over what one does with their decisions when it comes down to giving life. Only the barrier of the child will know what is best for the future of both of them. I am for abortion and strongly believe the government should not make abortion Illegal. Abortion should remain legalized.

SINCERILY, Jessalyn C. 

Oxford High School

4th Period

11th grade Honors English

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