Ashley V. Tennessee


This letter is about how immigration affects the country.

Dear Future President,

      Immigration is an issues in America today. America is a very diverse country, so many people would come and live here. America is also a really great country where it gives many opportunities for many people. It is not fair for many immigrants since they are trying to seek the opportunities and they most likely bring benefits to the country. In addition they re trying to get to a good place. For example, “ Some are forced to move, due to conflict or to escape persecution and prejudices, while others may voluntarily emigrate. Although such a move may be necessary, it can be quite traumatic on top of the challenges experienced so far.” Immigrants move from their hometowns for a really good reason and the reason is so that they could be safe and away from danger. Because there are many immigrants coming to the U.S., you as the next president should be able to help people out with immigration and the problems. I think that passing laws that will benefit the country, citizens, and immigrants. This is really important to our country because there are many immigrants in America, and it has been a big issue since America is a place where different groups of people meet each other and their traditions evolve. In addition, if we do not address this issue correctly then more issues are going to come up and there would be more problems creating trouble in the country. If the country starts fixing their problem, then the United States would be more successful because it does not have those problems in the way. “Immigrants, when made to feel welcome in the host society, can contribute to the diversity of that society, which can help with tolerance and understanding;” It is up to us because this is a country where immigrants if taught well, either here or in their original country, have an advantage and can successfully help the country. All in all, the problems with immigration can be solved and it would be positive for many, or it could just create more problems.

                                                                                                                   Sincerely, Ashley Vazquez



by Anup Shah

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