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Police Brutality In America

My letter addresses one of America's biggest issues which is police brutality. I think that this is such an important problem that can't be ignored anymore. This is so important in my heart and I know it is important to any other ethnic group. Let your power show a real change in America because you can really help people of different paths. I want my voice to be heard loud.

To whom it may concern,

As a country, we are built on a foundation of equality and the belief that every human deserves basic freedoms and rights. Given this ideal, it is surprising that different ethnic groups are treated differently during police brutality. Through ages, a certain group of people have always been hated or have had prejudice loaded against them. For example, during World War II it was the Jews, during the colonization of America it was the Native Americans, and now it is black subgroup.

Police brutality is one of the several forms of police misconduct that results into racial profiling, false arrest, and intimidation. This is an ongoing situation and has primarily pointed at black people but not limited to other ethnic groups. There has been many severe cases where the victims were killed in cold blood.

For example, in Staten, New York in of July 17, 2014 was a case of a black man named Eric Garner who was accused of selling cigarettes that were “loosies’’ without tax stamps. An officer so then tried to cuff him but he moved his arms away. An officer then put his arm around Garner’s neck and pushed him to the ground and 4 other officers restraining him, while doing a chokehold which was banned by the NYPD. Garner repeated 11 times that he couldn't breath, but the officers refused to listen to Garner. He then looses consciousness and for about seven minutes officers waited for an ambulance to come. But the EMT did not perform CPR because they believed he was breathing. When he got to the hospital he was pronounced dead and it was ruled a homicide.

Another important case that should have been recognized more was Trayvon Martin. This is the story of a black teenager who went to a convenience store and bought some candy and soda and when he left he was walking down a neighborhood when a man named George Zimmerman, apart of the community watch, reported suspicious behavior because of Trayvon. There then was an altercation between the two while Trayvon was on the phone with his girlfriend telling her that he thinks that someone was following him and then Zimmerman shot Trayvon in the chest. At the time, the Sanford Police had no evidence to refute Zimmerman’s claim of self defense. Zimmerman was not rightfully accused until after social media had finally focused on this painful tragedy. But no memorial or the arresting of Zimmerman will never bring this soul back. How do you look into the eyes of his family and tell them that their son is dead because he was racially profiled. But overall one of the most striking thoughts is that Zimmerman was not tried and charged for the death of Trayvon until 17 months after it happened.

Something I think will really make a change in for there is for there to be a court case exactly one month after any race profiling incident. Also, there has to be two judges, one of African American descent and one of white descent because there is a tremendous amount of bias when only one race is being able to judge over a case that is of racial profiling. I know that it sounds crazy that we have to have two judges of different descent to address cases of racial profiling, but too many souls are being lost through police brutality and it has come to this. This injustice has been going on since the civil war and I am an advocate for the youth and I can assure you we can feel police brutality uprising. Future president, something has to be done about this, we can not ignore this anymore.

I know you are now a new president with the world at your hands. Probably thinking about how you are at the top of the government and what you should do now. You have more power in your hands than you have ever thought you would have. But more than anything you are a human being that has the ability to help others. So as I am begging to you right now, help this cause. I want you to hear my voice proud and loud. This can't be in vain and we can't forget about the many souls that have not made it to see a real change in America. We have to do something because all of the people who have died for police brutality were one of us, strong American citizens.


Tsion Tesfaye, a proud American citizen


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