Morwan California

Climate Change

Climate change has an immense effect of the planet.

Dear Future President,

Climate change is a serious issue plaguing the whole world. There is a rise in average temperature of the Earth’s climate system and its effects are apparent. These changes are caused by human activities such as the increase in greenhouse gas emissions. About half carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels stay in the atmosphere. Some foreseen effects include global warming, changing precipitation, and rising sea levels. These changes will have catastrophic effects and will lead to the extinction of many species. The effects might not be noticeable now, but they will have a major impact in the near future.

America has some of the worst environmental impacts, producing a large amount of greenhouse gases and generate a third of the world’s waste. We need to shift from the use of fossil fuels to alternative energy. Solar, wind, and water energies have immense potential energy and the effects it will have would be tremendous, saving the planet in the long run. I hope you, as the next president, will take action and preserve the planet before time runs out.


Morwan Siry