Paul T Virginia

Age for buying tobacco

The age for buying tobacco should be lowered to the age of 16. It should be lowered to age 16 because if you have the money to buy tobacco and you do it then you should be able to buy tobacco.

My name is Paul and im from Eastern View High School in Culpeper VA.  The age for buying tobacco should be lowered to 16 years old. High school students should be able to buy tobacco when they hit the age 16. Most high school students are doing tobacco and have to get other people to buy it for them. If they could buy it their selves then the government would make more money.  Right now the government is not making much money due to the age limit. More people would be buying it if it was lowered. The stores would be selling more tobacco products if the age limit was lowered to 16. 

Eastern View High School

English 11 Standard

Ms. Licata's 4th block English 11 class.

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