Carter Wisconsin

No More Smoking

Smoking needs to stop.

Dear future president,

 Smoking has been turned into an unstoppable habit that needs to be stopped smoking affecting all people because of second-hand smoke making everyone's health at risk because of smoking it's called second-hand smoke second hand smoke is when one person breaths in the smoak of another person that is smoking it affects them too because smoke is going into their lungs as well. people who smoke have a higher risk of disease which makes another reason to stop smoking and people who try to stop smoking 61% don't stop smoking after one or two attempts. smoking is also addictive because of the nicotine inside nicotine is not good for the body and neither is the list of things inside of a cigarette the intelligent part of the brain, productivity loss,and car accidents have occurred because of smoking what part of smoking it is also the cause of cancer. smoking has been established dangerous for 50 years and 53% of says that smoking is a problem and 13% think that we have lost the grip on getting rid of smoking. the reason there should be no smoking is because it is affecting everyone and because smoking isn't being stopped and I hope one day that smoking is a thing of the past and not a thing of the future.


Carter V.