Eli E. Wisconsin

Gun Control

Gun control has become a growing problem over the years, and it needs to be fixed.

Dear future president,

The amount of people with possession of a gun are rising. More than 35% of households own a gun. Most people that have a gun use them for protection and safety but, as everyone can tell, not everyone uses them this way. The amount of deaths because of guns are way too high. If we were to make our gun laws stricter, i believe we could make the amount of deaths by guns a lot lower than it is right now. 

Many people who own a gun should not be able to. As of right now, private sellers are not required to conduct background checks to sell a gun to someone. This problem could easily be fixed by making it a law that you must have a background check before you can buy a gun. I believe this problem alone could help to stop many deaths caused by guns. Another big problem with gun control is big shootings. Big shootings usually occur in places with a high number of people nearby.I believe many of these mass shootings would not occur if we had better gun laws. 

Most shootings are used with illegally used guns. More than 50,000 guns are being smuggled across state lines every year. Only 3% of crimes are done with legally owned guns. If we had gun laws that helped prohibit these guns coming into our country, we would be able to limit the amount of crimes done with guns.    



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