Erin W. North Dakota

Letter to the Future President

Gun Control and Immigration

Dear Future President:

The president has many responsibilities, but I think that gun control and immigration are issues that need to be focused on.

Gun violence is a big conflict in America, and according to “Guns in the US: The Statistics Behind the Violence” on, “in 2015, over 12,942 people had been fatally killed by a gun in the U.S. alone.” The problem occurs when people go to purchase a gun. “Everything You Need to Know About Federal Background Checks” on, states that, “in order to purchase a firearm legally, you have to complete a form, which asks questions about criminal history and drug use. The FBI reviews the form and records on your mental health and criminal history, this can take up to three days to complete.” The article “More than 80% of Guns Used in Mass Shootings are Obtained Legally” on says, “a three day hold is placed on the sale to allow background checks to be completed, but after that the gun can be sold, even if the background check is incomplete.” By encouraging Congress to stop this Default Process, the president can help stop shootings, like the Charlotte Massacre.

Another conflict is immigration. The article “Statistics on Immigrants and Immigration in the United States” on migration says, “in April 2015 the U.S. population was 318.9 million,” and “immigrants make up 42.4 million of those people.” According to “Immigration Reform” on, “the gross domestic product would increase by 2.8% over the next ten years, and the federal savings would total up to $180 billion,” which helps reduce national debt. Many jobs and businesses are created by immigrants. “Why American Cities are Fighting to Attract Immigrants” on, states “in 2011, immigrants accounted for 28% of all small businesses. By encouraging Congress to allow legal immigration, it will help boost the economy.

As president, I hope that you will address gun violence and immigration to make our nation become more efficient and a safe environment.

Yours Truly,