Johnnie B. North Dakota

Dog abuse should be enforced more

What if it was your dog😢😥

Dear Madam or Mr. President,

One thousand nine hundred and twenty. That is the amount of animal abuse's occurring yearly. Sixty percent of animal abuse a year are involved with Dogs. Dogs shan't be harmed. Neglected, Shot at, Beaten, Strangulation, Poisoning, and Dog fighting these are the top five out of ten ways dogs are abused every day it's very depressing to hear about it or even visualize this type of torturous behavior done by such unrighteous people. Dog abusing needs to be stopped before its to late. Before they become extinct.

These animals are meant to be part of a family and no other way. Think about it if someone is sad the little or big dog that they own will be likely to be there to comfort him/her. Dogs grow up with their owners even if they are bought humans can be bought too it's all the same it is adoption. Dogs can have sentimental value that makes people remember the important things in life like deceased relatives or just plain fun but great memories. Think about this some presidents have a presidential dog and sense your president imagine if that was your dog or imagine if that was your childhood dog that you've always love imagine them getting abused.

Canines all have feelings and emotions so do people. If a dog is sad or not as active as he/she usually is then you'd be worried right? Dogs must be comforted with the same treatment humans receive, but somehow that dog needs to be brought back on its four feet just like you and I. Dogs can be sick or even be on the verge of death exactly like us one of these days you and your dog might even feel the same way.

Believe it or not all pups are exactly like human beings. For example if a dog ate a big pile of peanut butter the dog would have a hard time eating the peanut butter would it not, we have all seen it before and to be totally honest it's quite funny. But think about this, if you where to eat the same ratio of peanut butter would you not do the same. You'd have a really hard time eating it.

In conclusion, dogs should not be harmed in any way. This action should be illegal worldwide. Punishments should consist of jail time or even get beat the same way the person beat the dog. Madam or Mr. President please take this issue seriously. This is one of the many issues needed to be solved and I trust that you can solve it. End Dog Cruelty!!!!


Johnnie B.