Fia C. California

LGBTQ+ rights

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community I feel this issue is important to make others from the LGBTQ+ community to feel safe in their own neighborhoods

Dear Future President, My name is Fia Carlone and my issue I would like to address and change is to increase the rights and improve the equality of the LGBTQ+ community. 

This issue concerns me because currently I feel pretty safe being gay in my neighborhood and in school however i don't  think everyone else does in other places. I believe everyone despite anything should feel most comfortable and safe where and how they live. People should also be comfortable using the bathroom wherever they please without feeling fear or getting hurt.

I want to see more non binary bathrooms everywhere and I want complete access to preferred bathrooms for non binary and transgender people. I want to see more protection for the LGBTQ+ community and I want less denial from things based on if they are a member of the LGBTQ+ community.  

Sincerely, Fia Carlone