Sebastian G. Georgia

Pollution In The USA

Pollution in the United States has become a major problem.

Dear Future President,

Pollution has become a worldwide problem that needs to be fixed. As the President of one of the 2 most powerful countries, you should help out in this major environmental crisis. An enormous place like the world needs to be taken care of.

In the United States of America, pollution is beginning to be a major problem because people aren’t recycling and that is causing animals to die. When people buy things such as a six pack of coke, they leave the rings on and that can cause many different types of animals to suffocate because the rings are not cut. Animals such as the pigeon suffocate in these rings. Simple things like this should be fixed.

Millions of vehicles are used daily in the United States and that damages the atmosphere a lot. Exhaust from cars is a major reason for global warming. A way to reduce this pollution is to use tax money on public transportation. The subway is a great way to transport from one place to another. A subway train can carry hundreds of people at a time and save natural resources such as oil. It is powered electrically and doesn’t contaminate the air we breathe by polluting it. Subways are fast and efficient and should be used a lot more.

Money should also be used for finding a better source that is not oil. It would really help the environment and economy. It would use a lot of money, but it would really be worth it because with the new source of power we wouldn’t have to import 9.4 million barrels of oil daily. A new energy source could help out the environment greatly and reduce the amount the government spends on oil daily.

Pollution is a terrible thing and an enormous problem in the world. If it is not fixed, then the world as we know it, will be finished.