Hana K. California

Do you have a heart? Cause I do.

Animals are innocent creatures that don't deserve to have their lives taken just for corporate gain.

Dear Next President,

I am only a freshmen in high school, therefore not yet able to vote. However, I have faith that you can help stop the unnecessary actions. I may be young, but I am well aware of my surroundings. My parents tend to watch the news as my friends tell me about the latest trends. Something that stood out to me was animal testing. 

When I moved to my current house almost 9 years ago, my neighbors were nice enough to welcome us. We soon found out they own two dogs. I, being only about 5 years old, was afraid of them. As time passed, I fell in love with these fluffy creatures and hung out with my neighbors to play with them daily. That's were my love for animals began. My family decided to get birds and later even chickens; I fell more in love with the idea of these clever lives. Hearing that these innocent animals can be harmed so easily hurts me deeply.

I first heard about animal testing when a friend and I went shopping. She stopped by a makeup store and told me they tested on animals. I wasn't sure what she meant so I asked her about it. She began to explain. I really didn't understand why this was necessary. As I looked more into it, I found out makeup companies aren't the only things testing on animals. I found out even companies like  Vaseline, Clorox, Windex, Febreze, etc, using animal testing.

Testing on animals literally harms them. It is animal cruelty. Some companies go as far as to break the law and abuse them, such as starving them. Animals in labs don't have their own freedom as they are sometimes preformed surgery on...without painkillers. Some are burned, poisoned, forced to smoke, and much more. The question I often as myself is, why?

Why are people personally going out of their way to not only test on innocent animals, but also break the law? What gives them the right to treat an animal like it doesn't have feelings or a heart? There are videos to prove that animals can be more loving and affectionate than humans. And yet....we harm them, as if they harmed us and they deserve it. They don't. Animals are innocent, for that reason, this needs to stop. And you may be the only one who can.