Alaysha Virginia

Helping the Homeless

I think people should help the homeless just as much as other people get the help they need. Homeless people deserve to live too.

Mr. or Mrs. President, My name is Alaysha, and I am writing about homeless people. Homeless people should be treated the same as other people. Homeless people have feelings too which means they should be treated the same.

A lot of homeless people are really nasty and don't look very good. That's because they have nowhere to go, or no one that can be there for them. It is really sad because many of them are ignored and get treated really bad because of the people they are, but they can't control that. Just about all of them sit on the side of the road or at a fast food restaurant where someone is most likely to at least give them a dollar or two just so they will have something. I hate to see homeless people looked at, and let down. Also many homeless people are really smart and intelligent but took a wrong turn in life at some point and became homeless. 

One day I was at a restaurant with my mom and sister, and we seen a homeless man sitting at a table just staring at us. We all started to feel bad, so my mom gave him the rest of the change she had from our food. We could tell it made the man feel a lot better just by getting that. I think there should be a place just for homeless to get food and have shelter, even if they don't want to stay there for long, maybe they can even do things to get their life back on track and start over with doing things for themselves. Thanks for listening to what i have to say about homeless people, hopefully help can be done for them and make their lives better and make them happy again.