Daniela G. Georgia

Changing Today's Generation

Disconnect teens and young adults from electronics to create a better nation.

Dear Mr. President,

Have you ever thought that today’s generation is leading us nowhere?

Today’s generation is a disaster, thanks to the things that we have created and done. When we cut down a tree we don’t think of how useful that one tree was to so many birds, and squirrels. NO! We think of how much money we are going to make out of it. The amount of paper we are going to sell. How many acres of land do we get a year for cutting down trees?

Looking at an adolescent or child looking at inappropriate things on their phone or TV these days is so normal for us because we are so used to it. Adolescents are like zombies. They are on their phone 24/7. They always have their phone in their hand, earbuds plugged, and their hood on. According to growingwirless.com, 88percent of teenagers ages 13 to 17 have access to cell phones, and 91 percent of teenager’s ages 13 to 17 have access to internet on their cellphone. This means that if they wake up, use their phone for ten minutes or more, since teenagers sleep with their phones under their pillow, go to school use it for approximately 30 minutes use it on the bus on their way home another 30 minutes and then more than 2 hours when they get home. This is unhealthy; it’s a total of three hours and ten minutes or more a day. Then they are turning obese and have health problems.

They don’t talk about how their day was or what kind of experiences they had during the day. They are hiding their talent and abilities. It is sad how an electronic that is not even the size of a piece of paper is able to control the minds, thoughts and emotions of so many adolescents and adults across the United States. Their antisocial. Antisocial? It is a personality described as a disorder. It is affecting the minds of so many talented people. I once heard a man say, “The greatest treasures are not found in the gold mines in South Africa or the large diamonds in Russia, the best treasures in the world are found in graveyards. Where songs were never sung, movies were never filmed, athletes were never found, paintings were never painted, and talents were never shown”.

We need to build a new generation of independent, social, talented, and hardworking teenagers and young adults that are capable to change this nation. Students might just be 25.5% of the population but they are 100% of our future. Students should not use electronics for homework or schoolwork when textbooks are provided to them at school. Students use Google to do their homework and then come back to school and say they did it. Then we ask ourselves why we have so many dumb people trying to change the nation but have done nothing in the past.

In my opinion we should build a campaign that persuades adolescents and adults to disconnect themselves from music and electronics and connect with nature, the world and the wonderful things that are going around them to make a difference, which convinces students to become more social outside of school and be able to change this nation. Then people won't regret not being able to use their talents and potential to make a change. The small things count, Today Matters. Let’s make a change to make tomorrow a better day.

Thank you for your consideration,

Daniela G.