isabel n. Kentucky

Domestic Policies

Can we fix our domestic policies?

Dear Next President,

There are so many issues that a lot of people would like to see change with our new president. Some people might not even want Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton to be the leader of our country. Honestly most of the things I know comes from social media, and I haven’t seen anything good, only bad. So I obviously don’t have a lot of information to tell you about either of the leading candidates. But some issues I would like to see our new president address are: treating our veterans better, minimum wage, food stamps, disability check, police treating our black citizens better, racism, school checks, and many more.


Our veterans are treated so badly, some are even homeless, because when their service for OUR country was done, they had nothing to come back to.  The amount of respect they get is so poor. Even soldiers that are still serving our country are treated badly.

Minimum wage, food stamps, disability checks

So many single parents, who can't find a better job until they get a good stand, are all making minimum wage. Mortgage payments, electricity, water, cable/internet, the phone bill, school supplies, food, college for their kids, clothes, shoes, necessities, etc. how are supposed to pay for all of that? Even with a two home income, both on minimum wage? Even if they had a food stamp card, how would they pay for that? Most people that I know, that have food stamps and/or a disability check, don’t need them. They just CHOOSE not to work, are on drugs, and don’t even have a disability. I think that if they apply for either of these, they should have to have a doctor’s note or something for a disability and a weekly or monthly drug test.


There is so much racism. Not only between whites and blacks, because when I refer to racism, people automatically refer to white being racist to blacks. But no, racism is between every race in every country in the world. People are racist towards Muslims, because a group was brainwashed into terrorizing us. I know its not right, but not every Muslim should be shamed for that, their probably embarrassed enough.