Kyla B. California

Black lives matter

Stop killing us

Dear Future President, My name is Kyla Butler and I'm a senior at Berkeley High School in the Arts Humanities Program. The issue that Matters to me is Police Brutality against African Americans and the Black lives Matter situation. The reason why this matters to me is because I'm so tired of looking on the news and seeing young Black Males being killed by white police officer's for no reason, and I'm also tired of the person that killed the African American either don't get punished for it or if they do it's not enough. Something I feel like you can do to help this problem is listen to what everybody has to say, make sure everybody has a say if they want to say something and figure out as a country what its going to take us to come together and be one Nation and not fighting with each other. Sincerely , Kyla Butler

Arts & Humanities @ Berkeley High School

AHA Seniors

Arts & Humanities Academy @ Berkeley High Class of 2017

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