Ely Kentucky

College Tuition

The cost of higher education is preventing many from participating

Dear Future President,

It is known that education is pretty much a necessity to having a successful career and life. Unfortunately many individuals with lots of intelligence and potential are not able to go to college due to financial issues. I believe that college tuition should be free of cost or the same amount as public grade school; not counting books and extra things like that of course.

Many people would like to go to college and get a full education but are simply not able to, because it costs so much. They miss out on life opportunities because of this, such as not being able to have the career they want or make the money they deserve. Not having a college degree will have a negative effect of having a successful life and family. Family's go into debt and work many jobs just so a young adult can receive an education. If education is mandatory for a good life shouldn’t it be affordable?