Precious V. Pennsylvania

Funding for Free Health Care

Very concerned about the health care problems in the U.S. Honestly, you should take a look.

Dear Next President,

My name is Precious Vazquez, I have some issues with the funding for free health care, and since you’re the next president I think you can help. There are people that struggle day in and day out with out any health care and they decide not to seek medical attention. When you see people struggling through these hard time you often ask yourself what is being done about this. When you hear that other things are being looked at as to things of a lower priority, but get so much money to spend on it. I have experienced my share of people who can't afford the health care they need and, i personally don't think of it as fair. There is some things you can do about this problem as I will follow in this letter.

Imagine people can't get good health care as others do. They have to struggle with their money, health, and they can get really sick. Did you imagine it? Well that's real life. Funding for free health care is fairly important. People are so limited to health care that they would rather risk their well being rather than go to the hospital because they can't pay for it. They get scrutinized from people but they won't help them knowing they can't afford the help they need. Unfortunate people get turned away at hospitals even in circumstances they need care the most. Of course there are free clinics for people as unfortunate but they're not funded enough for when more severe things happen. I think if a person is in a state of needing help that it should be covered if they are not fortunate enough to get it.

Let me tell you about how I have experienced some people who desperately need help medically, but are turned away because they can’t afford it. Since i’m always in and out of doctor's offices, hospitals, and clinics I see people all the time who are sick or injured and can’t get the best care. There are brutally injured people and they can’t get the best care because of the limited funding for the clinics or their insurance won't cover the expensive medical bills. It’s sad to see people who really need help get turned away because the government isn’t putting the right money in the right places. The government would rather spend billions of dollars on space exploration but they spend less than 2 million to fund for more than one health clinic. For them to prioritize studies that might not even conclude to anything over individuals health and well being is impetuous and superficial. This need to change in the new term of presidency.

You probably don’t notice that the percentage of people who don't have the funds for care with everything else going on. I honestly think that you should pay attention to something like this because Obama helped a lot and so should you. Obama helped almost 9.9 million people get new health insurance in 2016, that's almost 4% of all americans. At the beginning at his term, 2012, there were 47.3 million people in the U.S. with no health insurance. Obama changed the numbers, that’s what made him a good president. Will you be one? Will you be one of the greats that impacted people's lives during their term?

Change the numbers, change the statistics , be one of the greats .

There are experts that actually think that funding for people’s insurance is a good idea. Patrick Whelan M.D, Ph.D, says and I qoute “Medicine study concluded that more than 18,000 Americans die every year because there uninsured”. I got my information from this website as he explains how he his for the funding for health insurance as are many others There are many people out there supporting the free health care while others worry it might damage the economy, not worried about the lives at risk. You as the president should take expert advice and fund for some of the care in the U.S.

In conclusion, funding for free health care is a very serious issue that you should take into consideration. For me to experience the people that don't get free health care is sad because it means that things like that do exist, and the fact that people do experience those things shouldn't even exist. I myself don't identify as naive or optimistic, but I do know that there can be worse problems than this. I’m just saying that problems are problems , but instead of focusing on the ones you can’t change why not change the problems you can first. All the money we have to support unnecessary things is taking the attention away for the things we really need money for. Not saying you should prioritize it , just a suggestion to a problem I think you could help change.


Precious Vazquez