Ashley V. Kentucky

Police Brutality

To fix the system

Dear Future President,

Lately, there’s been a lot of violence due to police brutality. For example, an off-duty officer killed a teen, Paterson Brown,18, in Richmond, VA claiming he got into an officer’s car at a gas station and began driving while the officer was waiting for it to be washed. Reporters said that the officer told the teen to get out the car, but then shot him because he made a “sudden movement”. Some officers are taking advantage of their rights as being an officer and killing people because of a simple “sudden movement”.

It’s Injustice! Trayvon Martin was shot by George Zimmerman while he was unarmed. Eric Garner was put in a chokehold by the NYPD until he couldn’t breathe. Terence Crutcher was shot by a Tusla officer , the officer claimed he was reaching in an open car window but in the video you can see the window open and the blood on the window showing it was closed.

Future President, fix all this injustice in the system. Many teens, mothers, fathers, friends have died because of police. Police have badges to protect us not make other people feel like they’re in danger.