Kathleen B. North Dakota

Letter to the Next President

How the president should consider mine coals.

 Dear next president:

My name is Kathleen I am a student at Beulah High School in the state of North Dakota. This letter that I am writing to you is of important matters, these matters could affect my state's communities quite a lot, but these will also affect the rest of the United States. I'm going to get straight to the point, being president will give you power over making decisions for the United States but these decisions need to be wise. Questions to ask yourself before making a decision is; Who will this harm? How will this affect us as a nation? What will this start or cause? It's the basic who, what, and how questions that we learn as children. Answering these will better help you make good executive choices for our nation. Let's give it a try:

Who will be affected if we shut down coal mines? Shutting down coal mines for one will affect my economy big time. Many of my peers guardians will lose their jobs. The state of North Dakota will not be the only state slowly falling apart, every single state in the U.S. will. When that happens the unemployment rate will increase, and then economies will go into a recession. Which, would lead us into another Great Depression.

How will this affect us as a nation? If we lose the coal mines the effect will be on power plants, because they need coal to run on. Coal is a major energy resource it's about 33% of what our country runs on. When power plants shut down, even more jobs will be lost. The United States will have a massive blackout all because we no longer have enough electrical power to go around. If you think that we can run on Nuclear power, you would be wrong, statistics show that Nuclear power is only 8.7% of a major energy source that we use. If an operator runs for a whole 24 hours at 497 MW (megawatts) it only generates 11,496 megawatthours. In this nation alone we consume 97 quadrillion BTUs (British Thermal Units), we wouldn't last a year.

What will this start or cause? This will start a war within our nation, people will be fighting in the streets. Homes that would still have power, people would be trying to break into them. We would no longer have grocery stores because our food would be rotting, people would become weak. As our nation is becoming weak other countries would try to take us out, people will be dying, a world wide war would be started.

Who will be affected if we take guns away? The entire Nation would be affected if congress takes our guns away. People will fight, and the congress persons that voted for this ban would most definitely be assassinated.

How will taking guns away effect us as a nation? We aren't the only country that has thought about taking guns away. Australia has taken guns away from the people living there, the crime rate has more than doubled since then.

What will this start or cause? Taking the guns away from the people of the United States would start a violent revolution. Rebellion would occur immediately and thousands would end up hurt or killed. Millions of Americans will refuse to abide by this rule, that clearly violates our Second Amendment. “The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

As the president you must think of the future of our nation, starting a war won't help us in anyway at all, and taking away our right to bear arms is taking our freedom away as an American. Making these choices won't help us in the long run. Our country would fail, states would fight to leave, many people will die, and most of all, we would no longer be the “United” States of America


Kathleen B.