Evan P. Georgia


Put an end to all bullying!

Dear Next President,

Bullying is becoming a bigger problem every day. Only a quarter of students who are bullied actually report it. Bullying often leads to suicide. That is not good, that’s why we need to try to stop bullying.

Also, bullying and depression are definitely linked together. Depression affects the victims and the bully. This is because most bullies were bullied, too. Sometimes the only way for the bully to feel better about him/her self is to bully someone else. So, that creates an endless cycle of bullying. But some of the victims not only face depression, but they commit suicide, too. I know what you’re thinking, “Just stand up to the bully.” But some people can’t do this out of fear. Also, if something has its own term it must be getting really bad. Bullycided is the term for bullying that leads to suicide.

We need to either make bullying laws or enforce them. So if a bullying bill comes to you, don’t veto it! I think if there were strict laws against bullying, the number of incidents would go down.

Please take this into consideration and help put an end to bullying. Depression and suicide are both a terrible same for our great country to experience. Please help make bullying laws and help put an end to bullying.


Evan P.