Fatima M. Idaho

college tuitions

college should be available for everyone and affordable.

Dear Future President,

Imagine two kids waking up in the morning to go to school. One goes to a well funded school where the kid has a great education. The other kid has a slight chance of success. They both have potential but they both have different opportunities. Every child deserves a good education and a chance to go to college. All kids need the opportunity to go to college.

All children have the power in them to succeed and to go to college. According to Richard Garner in the article “Social class determines child’s success’’ . "Children’s social class is still the most significant factor in determining their success in states schools. The Government's head of teacher acknowledges today.”

Everyone should be able to go to college. It doesn’t just give you a good education and a good job, but also improves health. Robert Woods points out in the article “Why does education matter so much to health?” "That College graduates can expect to live five years longer than individuals that have not finished high school.While it’s known that education leads to better jobs and higher incomes, research also shows that better-educated individuals live longer, healthier lives than those with less education, and their children are more likely to thrive."

Some might say that there is scholarships and other opportunities for the less fortunate to go to college, and that they have as good a chance as everyone. That's not completely true,yes everyone has opportunities that they might not know how to use wisely. Everyone has the ability to do something great and to go to college. To help this situation more scholarships can be given out and lower college rates.

All though I have a good education my parents didn’t,they dropped out of elementary school to help their families. My parents the best they could to give me a good education, and not to have to drop out like they had to because of lack of money. All kids should be able to graduate high school and pursue their dreams in college and make their life great. Thank you again for considering this national crisis.


Fatima M.

East Junior High

Period Six

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