Jake H. Georgia

Crazy College Prices

The surprising increase in college tuition.

Dear Mr./Madam President,

“So how are you paying for college?” The most fearful question that a high schooler can be asked. This should not be such a frightening question, but it is because of the simple fact that college is over-priced.

College tuition is at an average of $39,000 per year and that’s just tuition. For the same price you could have to college 3 times in 1995. These increased prices are detrimental to students from a poor or middle class family. This is detrimental to most families in the U.S because the average income per household $50,502 and $30,000 is a little under two thirds of the annual income per household, and that is even before factoring in housing, food costs, and transportation.

College tuition has become an overwhelming problem for this nation's youth. So many students can't go to college because of the cost. Since 1995 public school prices have increased 296%. While this increase is much sharper than the private schools which only increased 179%, yet they are still more expensive. Though they are still in a close race with each other for price so if you are going to go to college you might as well go to a private one.

As you know college is expensive, the average tuition price for a private school is $32,405. You can’t even escape from the high prices in public schools with the average public tuition price being $23,893. You may be wondering how you can fix the problem forcing the colleges to change their tuition prices would be illegal. Because this is capitalism and a free market they can control the prices of their goods and services however they want. Since you can’t lower their prices you have to improve your financial aid system FAFSA. First, you could “advertise” FAFSA better show it off a little make it known. Next, you could widen the span of people that it applies to. This course of action could improve the process, and in turn adding more qualified workers to your workforce. Thank you very much for your time.


Jake H.