Anna M. Texas


Bullying is bigger than what we think it is.

Dear future president of the United States,

Imagine a world where people are kind to others. No one calls each other names and no one shoves each other. Wistfully we can't have that, people will still be bullying others. Like physical bullying, racism, and cyber bullying.

Physical bullying is happening more and more and teachers are doing anything about it most teachers think. “Adult intervention – 4%. Peer intervention – 11%. No intervention – 85%.”( NVEEE ) Even kids get involved more than teachers, and that takes guts because it's kids their own age. Still there is not that much people who get involved. “ 54% of students said witnessing physical abuse at home can lead to violence in school. According to bullying statistics, 1 out of every 10 students who drops out of school does so because of repeated bullying.”( NVEEE ) Students even drop out of school because of bullying. Other people are hurting each other in school that makes a kid need to drop out then they can't get the job that they want.

Racism doesn’t just happen to colors and whites. Asians and other ethnicity get bullied for being a different color. Jeremy Lin was an Asian-american basketball player who wanted to play for the big league. “On many of the teams I played for, I was either the only or one of very few Asian-Americans. This made me an easy target for opponents, and unfortunately, I was often mocked for my ethnicity”(Lin) Most races gets into an AP class except for blacks or Hispanics. “When AP courses are available, enrollment among Black and Hispanic students is relatively low. African Americans account for 16 percent of the student population nationally but only 9 percent of students enrolled in AP courses.”(Kooragayala) Racism happens in different places even though some people try not to discriminate they still do. Whether it's an African-Americans who try to be in AP classes or an Asian-american basketball player, we are all people who shouldn't be treated differently.

In this generation more and more people are using the internet and even younger kids are too. Cyber bullying is another problem in our society people getting teased about the photo they took or even something as simple as their username. “The researchers surveyed 5,647 youth in 10 northeastern schools. Twenty-six percent of dating teens reported experiencing abuse online or through texts from their partners, and 17 percent of all youth said they were cyberbullied by a peer.”(Zweig) Dating online has become an abusive issue that never used to happen, so we have too keep an eye on that. “The 2013 Youth Risk Behavior Study (which covered only high-school students) found that 19.6% had been bullied on school property in the previous 12 months, and 14.8% had been electronically bullied.”(DeSilver) Kids are now getting cyber bullied in school! School is a place to learn and a fun place to be. If teens are getting bullied, it takes away the focus they need for school.

Now imagine a world where people are constantly made fun of, getting hurt, or being segregated. People need to know what bullying is and how to prevent it. Mainly kids because they don’t know that they are doing it Let's make the world bully free.

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