stuart Georgia

Islamic terror

Islamic terrorism needs to be stopped.

Dear president,

Islamic terrorism has become a huge problem throughout Europe, America, and the Middle East. It causes fear, blame, and pain. You need to eradicate terrorism any way possible.

One of the reasons it needs to be stopped is it causes fear. People that live in the Middle East are constantly plagued by the fear that they could be hit by stray bullets from conflicts between Terrorist groups like Isis and the Syrian government. They could even be blown up by suicide bombers. Now terrorism is moving into America, a few examples of this are, the Boston marathon bombing or 911. Even Europe isn’t safe from terror for example, the France attacks and the London bombings.

Some people think that the vast majority of Muslims are radicals. In fact, only 15% of Muslims cause terror. Because of that minority, the Muslim community is being used as scape goats, which causes refugees to not be let into the country. Even Muslims that are American citizens are being targeted and mistreated by people that misunderstand their religion.

The largest cost of terrorism is the cost of victim’s lives and the impact on their families. In fact, a total of 2,996 people died during 911 and more than 6,000 others were badly injured. These public terror attacks cause terrorists to get the publicity that they want and it only gives them motivation to do more attacks.

In conclusion you, our president need to stop this endless violence that gives people around the world great fear. It makes people think that every day Muslims will suddenly turn radical and join Isis and other terrorist groups.