Mia Z. New Jersey

Why We Don't Need Uniforms?

I will be talking about how we don't need a school uniform because it increase expenses.

Dear President Elect Trump ,

My name is Mia Zeid and what I am about to say is very important to my family and me. Just think about the old day uniform , and what I mean by the old day uniform is the basic skirt or dress like what we have now. In the United States of America we spend at least 1 billion dollars a year for school uniforms. Just think about it ,we can use the money for so many other things.

Did you know the first school district in the United States of America to require all K-8 students to wear uniforms was Long Beach , C.A, in January 1994. Each student spends about $300 for a nice uniform. Each and every student spend about $300 for a nice uniform . Every school has at least 200 students, so $300 times 200 students equals $60,000 dollars for one school can't we us that money and have a fundraiser for the school and with that money we can support it to the poor.

Love , Mia