James New Jersey


Terrorism must come to an end! We must work together to stop it!

Dear future president,

As you may know terrorism is a major problem in this country. It has caused many deaths and it must come to a stop. More than 50 acts of terrorism have occurred from 2001-2016 causing up to 130,000 deaths. Here are some of these terrible attacks

A bomb rips through Alfred P. Murrah federal building in oklahoma killing 168 people injuring 100

Twin bombs explode near the Boston Marathon finish line killing 3 injuring 264

9-11 world trade center site where 2752 were killed along with 184 killed at The Pentagon and 40 killed at Shanksville, PA

Mohammad Abutazeez opens fire in a military recruiting center and navy reserve Chatanooga, Tennessee killing 4 us marines and a navy sailor

As you can see all of these brutal things must come to a stop. If we don’t do anything these may continue. I think we should be a lot more cautious when major events occur such as the Boston Marathon. Even when a major event is not taking place we should still make sure everything is going right. Maybe we should have checked on the plane for suspicious activity or if the pilot was alright. We must put a end to this major problem as soon as we can.