kyle California

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter isn't just about police brutality. It also extends to education opportunities for Black community. Focusing on All Lives Matter erases the issues Black youth continuously deal with, including poor schools and over-policing.

Dear Future President,

                                   There are many important issues regarding the United States. First of all the country is plagued with bigotry and racism. Many black people have recently been  shot. Police brutality is a real issue that needs to be addressed. In many cases where a black person is shot dead, they don’t even have a  weapon and are not threatening the lives of the officers. Also, almost all of the officers who go to court for murder, aren't even prosecuted. As black lives awareness has increased, more and more instances are being brought into the spotlight about police brutality and the shootings of innocent civilians, especially focused on innocent black civilians being shot. Police are supposed to be a protecting force and many of us should grow up learning to trust the police in case of an emergency, but many young children grow up with a fear of cops.