Jaxon M. California

Minimum Wage

The minimum wage in our nation needs to differ depending on states.

Dear Mr/Mrs President,

I am coming to you to ask that you keep the minimum wage in each state at an amount that would benefit not only the employees but the employer. The cost of living varies from state to state, so I believe  that the minimum wage for each state should vary accordingly. If people in each state asked to increase the state minimum wage, then the cost of living will go up as well. Although our nation's treasury "makes" our money, it is not like we can just make more money and give it out to people. That is how the problem of inflation, the devaluing of the dollar, occurred. For example, if the workers at a local fast food restaurant were to complain about their minimum wage and the company was to increase their minimum wage , then the prices for the restaurant will increase. That is how prices in many of these stores have gotten so high, because the employees are asking for a higher wage, that their employers simply can't give to them without increasing the prices on their products. If a company does increase their prices, it will lose business, resulting in the laying-off of many of their employers. Although they may be making a couple cents more an hour, they will soon be making nothing when they get laid off. So please, Mr./Mrs. President, regulate the minimum wage in each state.


Jaxon M.