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Animal Cruelty

​Stop animal cruelty and start protecting animals.

Dear Next President,

Do you have a pet? There are a lot of people around the world that have pets. Adding a pet to the family is wonderful; however, some people take out their frustrations on their pet. Most people care for them properly. Unfortunately, some may not have a pet to play with or keep them company, rather they have animals to abuse and neglect. Animal cruelty is beating, shooting, drowning, choking, and neglecting animals. Hard to believe, but some people actually do that stuff to animals! As most domestic animals kept as pets are trainable, all you have to say is ‘don’t do that anymore’ or, ‘stop that’, when a pet scratches/bites you, aside from the fact that most of these are not intentional but more as affections. Thus, pet owners do not need to resort to violence and neglect. Overall, most pets are generally “cute and innocent” and tend to become part of the family. We need to band together and help stop these people exhibiting animal cruelty.

Even if the animal is about to pass away, people could let it die happily by not giving them such a miserable life. By abusing animals, people are being viewed by animals as “mean and cold”, along with making the pets become “emotionally and physically” hurt. For those few, it seems as if they reverse the roles of nature: “Humans are animals and animals are humans”. Cesar’s Way say that we can call someone when we see animal cruelty and start adopting pets. Yes, it is really that simple!

We need to stop animal cruelty by helping these poor animals. By abusing animals the abusers are making the animals view them as harsh, ruthless people. We can be the ones to reach out to a poor helpless puppy or kitten and show it that people are not as bad as they probably view us as. The Humane Society of the US, states that “anyone can take steps against cruelty,” and we can too. This is not an issue to be overlooked or bypassed. If you do/did have a pet would you want to see fear and horror in their eyes? Or would you want to see love and warmth in their eyes? A lot of animals can be physically and emotionally hurt. The HSUS estimates that about 1 million animals are abused or killed in relation to domestic violence. They are hurt emotionally by being scarred for life by thinking only of what those one or more human(s) did to them. Also, think of what neglect they are feeling, they have been abandoned and fooled by these inhumane and vicious people. Lastly, animals are humans and humans are animals. They should be treated with the same respect as us, and we should be equal in terms of appreciation. Tufts Now say that signs of animal abuse are barking, limping, tight collars, wounds, and lack of protection.

In conclusion, I think that we should have serious laws about animal cruelty, and have harsher consequences for the people that do this dreadful thing. Remember that animals would view us as harsh people, can be physically and emotionally hurt, and be disrespected as living, breathing things if we continue to let animal cruelty win and keep going. Who would want to lose their dignity over hurting innocent animals like this? Thank you for your consideration on this matter that is close to my heart.




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