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Is Our Airport Security Enough?

I believe that our airport security has increased over the years, but it still isn't enough to protect our people and individuals from all around the world.

Dear Next President,

Security has become a big issue across the United States. Many people have gotten hurt or lost their lives because security is not protecting them to the best of their ability. The most recent incidents involving security are at airports. As you know, terrorist attacks are happening more often in airports. This is because terrorists know that airports are international hubs for international travelers. Airport security needs to step up their game and let everyone know that they are protected when they are going from place to place.

A big problem with airport security is that there aren’t enough guards to watch over the whole airport. According to the Wall Street Journal, the precheck screening line stretched outside the building door due to TSA understaffing. If security is understaffed, there is a more chance of someone to come in with a bomb because there isn’t security everywhere. This is why I think that security needs to be in places where no one would think they should be. Airports need to hire more security guards and TSA so there are no worries about not catching a criminal.

Another problem with airport security is that they don’t always catch the weapon if someone has it. Undercover agents went through screening with fake bombs on their backs and 67 out of 70 times the secret agents pass the screen with the bomb being undetected. That means that 95% of the time, bombs, and other weapons could be undetected. "There's a continuing drumbeat of interests by terrorist groups, whether al-Qaeda or al-Qaeda affiliates, to try to bring down a Western — especially a U.S.-bound — aircraft," Pistole said from NBC.news. Airports are now a national target for terrorism because there are many ways around the security.

I realize that security has become very tight over the years and airports have put in millions of dollars to add more safety features, but it still isn’t enough. At the Istanbul International Airport, suicide bombers blew themselves up at the entrance, where there was no security protocol. If there were more safety measures on the outside of the airport, I think that fewer terrorist attacks would happen. Some people think that more security at airports is just a “band-aid solution” because they think that no matter what, people will always find a way around it. If there is security outside and inside of the airport, there is no way terrorists can get past them. This will ensure the safety of all the international travelers around the airport.

In conclusion, I believe that there should be more security and a better security system at airports. Airports need to do a better job of hiring well-educated and well-trained security guards and agents to protect the whole airport. There should be security everywhere you go so there is no chance of a terrorist sneaking in. In a world where there are no more terrorist attacks in airports, there would be security everywhere you look, right? I hope that eventually having very tight airport security isn’t a question, and airport safety is reinforced. Even though it may be intimidating to see a bunch of scary, mean looking security guards everywhere, it’s for the people’s safety. So I ask you, the future president, don’t you want people around the world to know that the safety of the people is important to our country?




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