Anastasia Z. Florida

Protecting the LGBTQ community in the U.S.

Dear President of the United States, This country was built on a few fundamental principles. The most important out of all of them, perhaps, is equality. For years the United States has been changing its laws and reinforcing them in order to make sure that everyone in this country stands equal with one another. However, recently we’ve been having trouble with that.

             It seems like we’ve decided to travel backwards in history to a time when certain minority groups were treated quite horribly. I, as a member of the LGBTQ community, am scared for the future of this country not only for others like me, but for everyone living here. There are people dedicating a lot of time to discriminate those who simply want to be themselves. Events like the Orlando shooting add fuel to the fire. A man killed so many people just because they were LGBTQ.

Someone might mention the fact the Congress just recently made gay marriage legal. Yes, that was amazing news and a big change in our country. A change that was supposed to be positive. Instead, there are rivals, court cases, even more abuse, and even more discrimination happening. A bill won’t change us. We have to change the way our people and kids think about this so that the United States can grow as a country and keep achieving equality. We have to change us. And with a president who is not willing to support the LGBTQ community, we will never change. You have to lead the people of this country in the right direction.

I ask you that you, as the president of the United States, protect the rights of all citizens of this country. They were promised liberty and happiness, and right now a lot of them don’t have it. I ask that you take all the actions necessary to protect the LGBTQ community in the United States. I ask you to protect our freedom and equality.


Anastasia Zaytseva

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