Shelbi S. Montana

Gun Control

In this essay I will talk about the issue of gun control and how we can possibly fix the problem. There are many tragedies that are caused by guns and I will be addressing them along with some facts in this.

Dear Future President,

The issue I will be talking about is gun control. There have been so many people who have lost loved ones to mass shootings all because the wrong person got a hold of a gun. I believe something needs to be done about this before matters get worse than they already are. There has been over 126 mass shootings from the year 2000-2016. It’s truly heart-breaking and I hope we can come up with a solution.

As I mentioned above there have been 126+ too many mass shootings in the past 16 years. There has been Sandy Hook Elementary, the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, The Pulse nightclub, and university shootings just to name a few. When you read up on these events you notice that a good amount of them are because the wrong people got ahold of guns, once again. I for one know how terrifying it is having a loved one in an attack like that. My older sister happened to be in Paris during the terrorist attack and we were terrified. She was safe but, nothing compares to that feeling of fear.

I believe the root cause of this issue would be mental health. In 2014 an estimated 9.8 million adults the age of 18 or older had SMI which stands for Serious Mental Illness. Thatś equal to 4.2% of U.S. adults. I think we need to be more aware of people with the symptoms of mental illness and do all we can to stop them.

I know that there are already background checks when you purchase a gun through an FFL (Federal Firearms Licensee) but, when purchasing them online or at things such as gun shows there is no background check. Yes, the checks that take place when purchasing through an FFL are great and I´m sure they help a lot. But what about online? Or at gun shows? There´s no way of stopping a person from getting ahold of a gun that way. I just think we need deeper security when it comes to buying guns. Especially in the places where checks do not take place at the time.

I think gun control is a big problem and I really hope we can work together and figure out a reasonable solution. I truly think it will make a big difference and we will see great changes. I hope you take my thoughts into consideration and agree with my reasonings.


Shelbi Soelter, 14

Billings, Montana

Shelbi Soelter

Billings Public Library

English 1

Skyview High School

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