Jordyn North Carolina

We need stricter gun control laws

My views on the hot topic of gun control. Over 10,000 deaths of 2016 could ave been prevented.

Dear future president,

Gun control is a very hot topic in our country today. Many people have different views on how we should approach this issue, but I am writing to you because I believe we need stricter gun control laws. Now I am not saying to take away everybody's guns, I am simply implying we need stricter laws to prevent issues caused by guns. You may say you need guns for protection for you and your family, and I agree with you there, but there are many ways we can have gun control laws that put limits and restrictions on people not take their guns away.

I would like to bring to your attention something that happened in my own town just a week ago. I was reading the news on to get the latest info on a story of an elementary school teacher that was shot and killed while she was out having dinner with her boyfriend. A suspect demanded money from her boyfriend and when he failed to get his wallet out fast enough he shot her in the head. This woman was an elementary school teacher who taught third grade. Now these 8-year-olds have to adapt to a new teacher while mourning the loss of their old one. This is just one example of something that happens every day. According to, 306 people are shot every day of these 48 are children and teens, that's about two classrooms of kids shot everyday. These numbers would dwindle if our government could do something about it. We need more background checks when guns are bought, patients with mental conditions should not have access to guns. Many of the past year's mass shootings were carried out by people with mental health who legally bought guns, says

Try to imagine a future free from gun violence. Does it look peaceful and happy? If we don't stop this issue it will continue to grow. Mass shooting gun fatality victims have increased 383% since last year says the Washington Post. This fact only proves that gun violence is increasing immensely. Gun accidents and suicide are another reason why we need gun control. There are more than 50 suicides caused by guns each day says, most of these are young adults who find guns in their house. I propose that it is a law to have all guns locked up with only the owner of the household knowing the combination. This prevents teens and children from having easy accessibility to a gun. I read on that a 9-year-old boy brought a gun to school and accidentally shot his classmate. He easily obtained this gun from his mother's house.

The argument for the people against my claim is we need a gun for the protection of our family. Many people own clips that contain many bullets. How many bullets does it take to kill somebody entering your home? One, not 10, I say we limit the number of bullets allowed in each clip, this gives families the right to protection and prevents mass shootings. Many people enjoy shooting as their hobby, I say isn't it more important to keep members of our society and the next generation safe. What if the next victim of a shooting is someone close to you? Go to a shooting range or a place where shooting is controlled by authorities. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and I hope you have considered what I said. Together we can help prevent the loss of many innocent lives.

Sincerely, Jordyn

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