Anija North Carolina

School Uniforms

school uniforms

Dear , mr.president

I just wanted to ask you a few questions and some facts about school

uniform. So i’m going to break it down to you in steps so you will get where i’m coming from .

I think uniforms for school is really stupid and not important because there is no point in them. For example in a buzzle article says “ school uniforms are not so popular but is useful at the same time” schools administrator says “ school uniforms will help the students focus more on their work if their all in the same thing for equality “

In my perspective the students are forced to wear them because they don’t like wearing the same colors or shirt and pants as their classmates . Some school are not working out good or right because the students refuse to wear the uniforms or just don’t follow dress code at all whatsoever but it says school uniforms come more important than education and I really disagree on that. Education comes way before school uniforms . Is there not one thing we can do to get all schools out of uniforms because there is no point in them at all in my point of view. But I hope people will see that education is more important than school uniforms at all cost because you can not get your education from school uniforms at all