Kameran D. Georgia

Preventing Suicide

Suicide is on the rise.

Dear Next President,

Suicide has become a big issue in the last 10 years. Innocent people are killing themselves because of bullies and bad times at their house. The suicide rate has risen to 1 person committing suicide every 16 minutes.

I know what you are thinking, It will cost too much. But can there be a price put on someone’s life and it will only cost 2.56 million more to fix this problem. According to notworthit.org nearly 45,000 American’s commit suicide every year. Imagine how many people die from suicide in the world. Each suicide affects the family and friends. What if one of those people were you. You would feel sad and angry you might lead to committing suicide. Look at it this way you might lose your mom of dad. And they could commit suicide that would make you super sad and lead to you committing suicide too.

Also, according to deathrates.org suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the U.S. And there are two times the deaths by suicide than heart disease. We should all be careful and help people in need. Talking to friends can help you feel like you don’t need to commit suicide.

Finally, this is why we need to put more funding into suicide prevention. Studies show that 65% of of people that call the suicide hotline found it not helpful. What will you do to save a life?


Kameran D.