Dung N. California

Wasting Food

Many students are wasting their lunch everyday.

Dear Future President,

One thing I have noticed when eating lunch at school is that students keep wasting a huge amount of food. However, I do not think that the students have to take all the blame for it. For numerous times, I have seen students trying to ask the lunch ladies to take something off the plate because they did not like it or they could not possibly finish the whole the plate. They were being refused every single time. Sometimes, the lunch- ladies also make the students take juice when they clearly do not want it. This leads to more and more students' lunches end up in the trash, while there are some other students with larger appetite would like to have more food.

I would like to propose a solution to this problem. The schools should have small areas where students would put whatever they do not want or they think that they could finish it before they start eating their lunch. This way the students that want more food can go to this area and pick up more food and we would not be wasting it. I also suggest that this area only open the first fifteen minutes of lunch, so student would not leave their half-eaten lunch for others. School staff members should supervise this area the first few weeks to make sure that the students are doing what they suppose to as well as keeping the place clean.

By doing this, the schools would lessen the amount of wasted food and satisfy students with larger appetites at the same time. When the students are properly eating lunch, it would prevent them to buy more unhealthy snacks to fill their hunger; therefore, this method also contribute to the students' health. I would like you to consider this option for the school system.