David T. Georgia

The Switch That Might Save the World

I strongly suggest switching from using oil and coal, to using an electricity grid or solar panels.

Dear Next President,

You hear all this talk about global warming, and how we are not changing, well let’s start now. We can help out the rest of the world, and not contribute as much greenhouse gases. I strongly suggest switching from using oil and coal, to using an electricity grid or solar panels.

A large source of greenhouse gases is factories. We are the cause of CO2 gases to rise, “The rise in atmospheric CO2 over the last century was clearly caused by human activity.” http://Climate Change.procon.org/ This proves how what we are using isn’t healthy for the environment. This is a major problem in countries with large economies, such as China, USA, and Mexico. I say we need to change our main source of energy, for the world’s sake.

We can stop all these problems, just by switching our main energy source. We won’t have to be dependent on Saudi Arabia for oil or Kuwait. Now we can stop sending troops over in the Middle East because basically the only reason we are there is to keep ties with oil producing countries. This change will help our country in the long run, major cities will have less smog, and this will change other countries source of energy to, with seeing our good progress. We could also stop cars from using gas, to just straight electricity, for example Tesla is doing this now! That’s the good that’ll come from switching our source of energy.

You may be thinking,” How is this going to help our alliances with other countries?” Well first off, we can be a major trading partner with other countries; we’ll start producing as much as China, hopefully. On average China produces 80% of the world’s air- conditioners, 70% of its mobile phone, and 60% of its shoes. That’s for the whole world, we can start increasing our trade, by doing it in an Eco-friendly way. We’ll be seen as a friendly and major producing country world-wide.

The only problem I see is not having a trade partner, but we can change that with a little hard work. If you want to be a major country with a good economy, changing the energy source will cause a spark in the economy.

Thank you for your consideration,

David T.