Maria A. California

The highest cost of collage

The cost of the collage it is expensive for some people, and I want to know why.

Dear Mr. Obama

       I'm in my senior year almost finishing the High School, and I really want to go to the Collage and then go to the University, although the conflict is that the both are so expensive, and I know that exist a lot of kinds of help for that, but also I know that not all accept your application, and my family does not have a lot of money to pay me that. 

       Please if you can take a little bit of your time to think about that, and do something to help us, we really can appreciate that, because, is not just me, we are a lot of students that really want to study.

       Thank you for your time.

Maria Acosta

Student of san marcos High School.

San Marcos High School

American Government

Period 4 American Government

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