Aliyah Kentucky

Police Brutality

Our justice system is fixable.

Dear Future President,

As you have probably seen or heard the police have gotten out of control. Police brutality has increased across the United States. This situation needs to be under control for the fate of our country and our generations to come. We shouldn’t be afraid of the people that stand “united” to protect and serve us. There was a point in time when we could count on the government and armed forces to protect and take care of our needs. Some people were lucky enough to live in that time period, but unfortunately my generation and future ones have to live with the fear in their heart and mind of being treated as animals. The worst part about it all is that most think that it is a race issue, but it doesn’t matter what shape, size, or color you are or justice system is turning against us. We need to stand united and build ourselves up not bring them down. I’m not asking for much all I’m asking for is for this to be acknowledged and the police to be convicted when doing wrong to our citizens. I hope you do more research on this yourself before judging me, because it’s your job to run this country not ruin it. This needs to be taken seriously and not thrown to the side for the future of the United States.