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Media bias

The people that are reading or watching should chose what they want to believe, not the news channels.

Dear the next President of the United States of America, 

Most people in the United States of America think that the news is great. Its giving us information about the important events that are happening in the world or even in your town. There are some news station that give the real truth and everything about the truth. Instead, some news channels are twisting the information to make you think the way the new channels want you to think and that is called media bias. 

There are two major kinds of media bias, one is bias by omission ("Media Bias"). Media bias by omission is leaving one side of the story out to make it look like your views. Leaving information out that is crucial to the reader's opinions. Example is MSNBC, I looked at their website and all I could find is just Hillary Clinton, I see two post about Trump. They are leaving out information about the real election instead they are persuading you to try to vote for Hillary. The next type is selection of sources, this is when the news channel only give one side to the information. This type of bias uses words like "experts believe", "observers say" or even "people believe"("Media Bias").  Example: let's say that I am a new reporter and I want my story to be conservative then I would ask people that are conservative, instead of having an equal amount of people on both sides. 

There are many other types of bias but I could just go on and on. The issue at hand is the conservative news channels like "FOX" is over reacting, while the liberal channels like MSNBC like underreact (Farhi). I feel that there is no in between for this issue. Your news channel can either underreact or overreact. If I tell you a story that has all of the information. Does NOT try to convince you to be a liberal or a conservative. How would you react? Would you like it? What are your thoughts about the story? Instead of the news anchors trying to slip in their views about the story. I would like having the story that has all of the information and not trying to one side everything. So why can't we have this in America? 

In total, I think people should stop and think about what the news is telling you. Instead of letting them decide about what you hear, you should let the people decide about their views on life. Instead of agreeing with the media, try to find a new channel that tells you everything and does not change your view on the news. 


Sara Nerad

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